Board of Directors

Dr. Jörg Ritter

Dr. Jörg Ritter studied computer science at the University of Oldenburg till 1991. Afterwards he worked for several years as a software engineer and divisional manager at IDS Prof. Scheer GmbH in Saarbrücken. From 1995 he was a scientific assistant at the Oldenburg institute for computer science OFFIS.

Until the year 2004, Dr. Ritter was significantly involved in the composition of the research-related company OSC-IM Systems AG, which was acquired in mid-2004 by the BTC Business Technology Consulting AG. Within the BTC, Dr. Ritter is a member of the BTC board since 2005 and there he is responsible for operations and business development since 2013.

Percy Hamer
Percy Hamer completed his degree in computer science at the University of Bremen in 1993. He started his professional career at Stadtwerke Bremen AG as a project manager for new technologies and strategies. In 1998 he switched to CA Computer Associates, where he established the IT consulting division for Germany and Austria. For CTS Eventim AG, he was responsible for IT services in customer business from 2003 and for the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

From 2006, he was responsible for IT infrastructure services and established global cooperation at Logica Deutschland. As CIO Europe and General Manager at Konica Minolta, he consolidated IT on a European level from 2013. As BTC board member, Percy Hamer has been responsible for operational business and central functions since 2020.
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